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7.退室手続き Moving Out
1.転出の連絡 Preparing to move out

Even though most contracts are for 2 years, it is possible to dissolve your contract before it is up. Tenants are usually expected to give one month's notice before moving out, but since all contracts are different, you will need to check with your real estate agent for details.

When you have decided on the date you wish to move, contact your real estate agent and notify them. You will need to arrange a time (on the day you move out) for the agent to pick up your room key, and officially 'return the room' to the landlord.

If you are late in giving notice, your deposit may not be refunded. If your contract requires one month's notice before moving, you will be required to pay one month's rent from the date you give notice. This applies even if you move out less than a month after giving notice.

2.引渡し日に行われることは・・  'Returning' the room to the landlord

(1)カギの返還 Return of the key
Do not forget to return the keys to the landlord or the real estate agent.

(2)業者スタッフの室内検査 Inspection of the room by the agent's staff.
Take care not to leave any trash or personal posessions in your room. After you have packed and removed all of your belongings, the agent's staff will check your apartment for damage. Assuming they find none, your deposit money will be repayed in full.

3.原状回復 Restoring the room to it's original condition

借主負担 at the enant's expense
貸主負担 at the landlord's expense
Professional cleaning of the room
Anything broken due to age. Usually, when something breaks when it is 10 years old or more, it is considered to be due to age, and is the landlord's responsibility.

Anything broken or damaged by the tenant, either on purpose or by accident

Ex.) Scratches on the floor, wallpaper yellowed by smoke, etc

Stains or damage from natural causes. This applies to Tatami or Fusuma (japanese paper doors) yellowed by sunlight.
Damage to the building which occurs outside the tenant's apartment.

The cost for repairing any damages to your room will be deducted from your deposit, and the remainder will be refunded to you. Keep in mind that the repair fee for damage caused by age or nature is the responsibility of the landlord, while only damage caused by the tenant's carelessness their own responsibility.

日本では、部屋を丁寧に使い、 またどんなにきれいに掃除をして退室したとしても、 必ず基本クリーニング代(物件によって異なる)は支払わなければいけません。もちろん部屋が汚ければ汚いほど料金はかかります。
In Japan the basic cleaning fee (the amount varies from apartment to apartment) is deducted from your deposit even if you keep the room clean. On top of this basic fee, the dirtier the room is, the more you will be required to spend.

4.保証金返還 Refund of deposit

Your deposit will be refunded to you about a month after you move out. Any unpaid rent, costs for repairing damages, and the (surprisingly expensive) cleaning fee will be deducted from the original amount you deposited. Because of this, it is likely that only half of your deposit will be refunded. It is also standard that your refund will be sent to you by bank transfer, at your own expense.

5.その他の手続き Other things to remember
After moving, it's important to go to a post office in your area and fill out a change of address form, to have your mail forwarded to your new address.
The post office will continue to forward your mail for one year after you submit this form.


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