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5.契約2 Contract page 2
(契約時の注意事項Advice regarding contracts)
1.予約金 Earnest money/Promise money
When you have chosen an apartment to rent, contact the real estate agent who showed you that apartment. You will need to pay the agent 'earnest money' to keep the room on hold. 'Earnest money' is required in most, but not all, cases.

Azukari kin(earnest money)is also called Moushikomi kin(application money). It is payment for offically reserving a room, or officially expressing interest in it. In some cases, azukari-kin can be refundable even if you cancel your reservation. However, in some cases, azukari-kin is not refundable. If an agent asks you to pay anything resembling this, make sure you ask whether it is Azukari kin or Tetsuke kin, and be sure to find out whether it is refundable if you cancel your reservation


2.契約申込み形態 Types of contracts

2種類の契約申込み形態があります There are 2 types of contracts:

Personal contract
入居者本人が契約する。入居者本人に対する審査が厳しい。The tenant prepares and signs the contract him or herself. The landlord will likely do an intensive background check in this case.
Corporate contract
会社が契約する。会社が家賃を支払うため、入居者本人に対する審査は比較的易しい。The company which employs the tenant will prepare and sign the contract on the tenant's behalf. In this case, the landlord will most likely not do an intensive background check on the tenant, since it is the company which will be paying the rent and taking responsibility for the rental of the apartment.



With a corporate contract, it is much easier to pass the landlord's background check. It is advisable to ask your company to take care of your apartment for you, if at all possible.


3.契約書 Contract forms

The contract forms/outline will be provided by your real estate agent.
2 copies will be drawn up: one for the real estate agent, and one for you.


The contents of contracts vary widely depending upon the property owner and the real estate agent. In some cases the wording may be complex and difficult to understand. Before signing the contract, have the real estate agent explain any important matters.

The general condition of the space to be rented and the conditons for staying there (prohibitions and requirements) will be stated in the contract. Since many (possibly strict) rules will be included, make sure you understand the contract 100% before you sign it, to avoid any trouble later on.

4.重要確認事項 Make sure you understand:

Special rules and conditons
You, for example, may not be allowed to have a pet, play musical instruments, use an oil heater, remodel your room, or use your room for any purpose other than as a personal residence. Since conditions are different depending on the apartment, make sure to negotiate these types of conditions before entering into a contract. If you have already signed your contract, be sure to respect these rules and conditons.
When your rent is due
Usually, rent is due at the end of each month. You should pay your rent by bank transfer, or in to your agent in person, between the 25th and 28th of each month. It's a good idea to negotiate a rent due date that closely follows your payday at work.
Paying for repairs/cleaning after you move out, and refund of deposit
Different agents have different requirements when you move out of your apartment. Even if your room seems clean to you, they may require you to pay a fee to replace the tatami, repaint, etc. The expense for any restoration will be deducted from your deposit, and the balance will be refunded. Ask your agent about this beforehand.

Contracts include alot of important information, such as the duration of the contract, the details of the deposit, etc. Please take care of your contract... keep it safe and do not lose it!

5.領収書 The receipt
Be sure to obtain receipts for everything you pay.
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