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4.契約1 Contract page 1
1.契約前に準備すること Preparing for your move

・パスポート、ビザ(Passport, Visa)
外国人登録(Gaikokujin Toroku-Alien Resistration)
・金銭 Money

・書類一式 Official documents

2.外国人登録 Gaikokujin Toroku-Alien Resistration

The Certificate of Alien Registration is only issued after you are settled, so of course you should not be expected to have it if you have just arrived in Japan. If you have just arrived, and would like to move to your own house but have no certificate, consult your real estate agent. The agent may accept your Certificate of Alien Registration after your move. The certificate is issued at each city's municipal office.

外国人登録と証明書の発行方法は以下のと おりです。
Check below for information on how and where to obtain your Alien Registration Certificate.

1.申請場所 Where to apply
Apply at the city office of the city or town in which you now reside
2.申請期間 Terms of application
You are required to apply within 90 days of your entry into Japan.
3.外国人登録証の発行 Getting your Certificate
The purpose of the Alien Registration Certificate is to register certian personal details (your job/visa type/address/etc) with the government of the city/town in which you reside. In order to get your certificate you must report these details to your local city office.
4.外国人登録証の発行所要期間 How long does it take to process?
It usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks after registration until the card is issued.
5.記載事項の変更と訂正 Registering change of address or other information
When any of the information on your card becomes outdated, you are required to return to the city office to report the change. You will not need to apply for a new card, the corrections will be written on the back of your old one.
6.有効期限 Valid period

The expiration date of each Alien Registration Certificate is written on the card itself 「RENEW WITH IN 30 DAYS OF・・・」. In most cases, the certificate must be renewed every 5 years. However, a permanent resident or special permanent resident needs only to renew it every 7 years. In the case that your visa is valid for less than one year, your Certificate must be renewed yearly.

3.金銭 Money

Moving into a new apartment is very expensive in Japan. You will typically need to pay the equivalent of five or six months' rent up front. If you are considering moving into a new apartment, we reccomend that you begin to set this money aside as early as possible.

契約時に必要な金額 How much money do you need when you first sign your contract?

項目 fee
概要 information
保証金 HOSHOKIN (Deposit) 物件によって異なるので要チェック!退室時に、部屋の修繕にかかった費用が差し引かれた残額が返還される(クリーニング代や光熱費が引かれる場合もある)。Shikikin typically amounts to the equivalent of 2 months' rent. However, it depends on the apartment. When you move out, a certian amount of money will be deducted from the Shikikin to pay for cleaning and repairs. Any money left over will be refunded.
(Advance Rent)
日本の家賃支払い方法は、基本的に前金制なので入居日から次回の家賃締め日までの家賃が契約時に必要となる。1ヶ月に満たない場合は、基本的に日割りで計算するが、業者によって異なるため確認が必要。Since you are supposed to pay your rent in advance, the rent for the first calendar-month of your stay (from the day you move in to the last day of the month) will be required in advance, when you sign your conract. If you move into your apartment mid-month, you will be charged only for the remainder of that month.
火災保険KASAIHOKEN (Fire Insurance) 業者によっては火災保険の加入が入居の条件になっていることも。広さ、構造などで金額が異なるので事前に確認しておくこと。約1〜3万円程度。You will be required to have insurance, the amount of which will depend on your apartment. Since Insurance fees vary depending on the size of the room and the type of construction of the apartment, it's a good idea to ask in advance. It's usually somewhere between \10,000 and \30,000.


4.書類一式 The documents

Once you have prepared the documentats required by the real estate agent, you will be ready to sign your contract!

The following documents will be required when you sign your contract:

契約者本人に関するもの From the lessee/tenant:
  ・外国人登録証 Certificate of Alien Registration
・パスポート Passport
・住民票(謄本・入居者全員がわかるもの) Resident Card.
Certificate of Items Stated in Alien Registration Original Slip
・賃貸契約書(業者で用意しています) Contract form
・印鑑又は実印 Seal or registered seal
・在学証明書(学生の場合) Student ID(If lessee is a student)

Certificate of income or withholding slip
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