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6.引越し Moving in
1.新居での手配 Making Arrangements

Once you move in, there will be lots of red tape to cut your way through:.

Application for Certificate of Alien Registration and change of your address.
Go to the municipal office of the city you have just moved to and register for your Gaijin Card. You will be able to get all the information and materials for applying at the office.
2)銀行口座の開設及び住所変更届Opening a bank account/ changing your address at your bank
Go to the bank of your choice, and take with you your passport, signet/seal stamp(if you have one), Certificate of Alien Registration, or Certificate of Items Stated in Alien Registration Original Slip. Some banks will allow you to sign your name instead of stamping your seal. However, if your bank does not allow this, you can buy and use a stamp which has any Japanese name. Be careful not to lose it, though, since it will be required whenever you withdraw cash (not including ATM) or when you close your account..
When you move, you'll need to visit your bank with your bankbook and your seal, and register your new address with them.
3)運転免許証の住所変更 Changing the address on your drivers' license
This can be done at the local police office in the town you have just moved to.

2.挨拶 Meeting your neighbors

In case of emergency, it is your neighbors that help you most. Having a good relationship with your neighbors is important. If they like you, they are more likely to tolerate whatever you may do..


It's a good idea to send postcards to friends and relatives letting them know that you have moved, and telling them your new address and phone number. Try to do this sooner than one month after you move.


簡単な日本語 Some simple Japanese phrases:
こんにちは konnichi wa Hello
ごめんください gomen-kudasai Excuse me, but is anybody home?
はじめまして hajimemashite How do you do?
よろしくおねがいします yoroshiku onegai shimasu I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.
わたしは(  )です watashi wa ( ) desu My name is ( )
ありがとう arigatou Thank you
さようなら sayounara Good bye
すみません sumimasen I'm sorry/Thank you/Excuse me
おげんきですか ogenki desuka How are you doing?
げんきです genki desu I'm fine thank you.
どういたしまして dou itashi mashite You are welcome.
ひっこしてきました hikkoshi te kimashita I just moved into ・・・

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