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Room Overview
Available Rooms
Room number Monthly Rent Maintenance fees, etc. Deposit / Key money Brokerage Fee Detail
803 99,500円 8,000 yen 0 / 0 1 Month(s) Rent Brokerage service
(Other Payments)
Linen and Cleaning Fee Contract 37,800円
Fire insurance15,400円

Between (Living Space) 1K ( 20.000m2 )
Equipment auto-locking door system, elevator, delivery box, bicycle parking monitor interphone, auto-locking door system, elevator, delivery box, bicycle parking, air conditioner, place to set up washing machine in the room, separate toilet/shower, private bathroom, ventilation dryer in bathroom, washlet toilet, balcony, free internet access, western style room

basic furnishings, bedding, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, vacuum cleaner, TV, light fixture, curtains, tableware, linens, twin-burner stove
Property Overview
Building Location 3-52-7 Yoyogi
Structure / Scale RC structure / 9 Storey
Date Completed 2005 - 9  
Train Line Station Distance
Odakyū Odawara Line Route Walking 5 Min
JR Yamanote Line Route Walking 6 Min
Area Map
Residency Requirements
Contact:J&F Plaza
TEL: 03-6455-0360
FAX: 03-6455-0361
E-MAIL: info@jafplaza.com