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Sky Court Yoyogi GL

beautiful separated mansion

Room Overview
Available Rooms
Room number Monthly Rent Maintenance fees, etc. Deposit / Key money Brokerage Fee Detail
2F~9F 90,000円 9,000 yen 0 / 1 1 Month(s) Rent Brokerage service
(Other Payments)
Linen and Cleaning Fee Contract 38,000円
Fire insurance15,000円

Rent starts at 97,000 yen. The price of rent may differ depending on the room so please contact us for more details. Enrollment in home insurance and guarantor company is mandatory. If you are intending to stay in the room for longer than a period of 2 years, you will need to pay a contact renewal fee worth one month’s rent.

It only takes a 6-min walk to the closest station, the Yoyogi station on the popular JR-Yamanote Line.
The room provides, among others, a double burner-gas stove, a washlet as well as a bathroom dryer!
There are several convenience stores as well as restaurants in the neighborhood which makes a comfortable living possible!
Furthermore, it’s close to the famous Meiji shrine as well as to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, a traditional Japanese landscape garden as well as close to the Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

The Kogakuin University is within a 10-min walking distance, theTeikyo Junior College within a 25-min walking distance, the Tokai University, the Tokyo Polytechnic University as well as the Tokyo Medical University are within a 30-min walking distance.

convenience store - 2-min walk, pharmacy/ hospital/ fast food restaurant/ University/ library - 8-min walk, parking area/ museum - 10-min walk
Between (Living Space) 1K ( 20.000m2 )
Room Direction North West
Equipment auto-locking door system, elevator air conditioner, place to set up washing machine in the room, separate toilet/shower, closet, gas stove, wooden flooring, shoe box, balcony

basic furnishings, washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, TV, light fixture, tableware, twin-burner stove, coffee table
Property Overview
Building Location 3-52-7 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Structure / Scale RC structure / 9 Storey
Date Completed 2005 - 10  
Train Line Station Distance
Odakyū Odawara Line Route Walking 5 Min
JR Yamanote Line Route Walking 6 Min
Area Map
Residency Requirements
Japanese Driver's license or certificate of residence, emergency contact person (must be parent), deposit, at least 1 month's rent
Foreigner Passport, Valid Visa(but for tourists, copy of Land Permission which displays valid Permit Date of at least 1 month from the date of moving-in), Emergency contact person, Guarantor company fee (75%of monthly cost)
Other You will need to use a guarantor company for this property.
Payment In cash or by bank transfer
Contact:J&F Plaza
TEL: 050-3659-6124
FAX: 03-6455-0361
E-MAIL: info@jafplaza.com